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Good-bye Summer…Hello Youth Orchestra!

Summer is just about over. Millions of families throughout the world are preparing for the start of a new school year. Malls will be bustling with shopping teenagers. Colleges will be overrun with undergrads moving furniture, clothing, iPads, and books into crowded dorm rooms. And moms everywhere will be both proud and melancholy as their firstborns head off to kindergarten – even if kindergarten is in the downstairs living room. There is a lot to do in September! The seasonal clock is beginning to turn (autumn officially begins September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere) – signaling an anticipation of new beginnings. I find it both exciting and remorseful to watch those hot summer days come to an end. But, if you love music as much as I do (and, obviously, you all do!) there is a truly dazzling bright spot on the autumn horizon: Youth Orchestra! Every year as my oldest daughter was growing up, I looked forward with great anticipation to the start of youth orchestra rehearsals in Philadelphia. There were three outstanding youth orchestra programs in the city at that time. We couldn’t decide which would be best for Madison – so we signed her up for all three! And Saturday night, after orchestra rehearsals were finished, we headed to a friend’s house with three other young musicians for a weekly chamber music coaching. Autumn, of course,  is the busiest and most wonderful time of the year! School is starting, doctors appointments are beckoning, the outlets need visiting, young musicians are practicing frantically to get that one last audition piece perfectly memorized, and – best of all – the youth orchestra schedule is about to make its way from the inbox to my Google calendar. I could elaborate on why I am passionate about youth orchestras, but, I’ve got too much to do. My youngest daughter goes back to school next week and we need to go shopping. She wears a uniform – but the dress code is flexible on shoes! (I do have time, however, to post this moving article on the benefits of youth orchestra membership. I’’m sure the internet is filled with similar postings. When you run across them please post them here. Families will only benefit from the encouragement!)
Sandy Marcucci
Philadelphia International Music Festival

What we have been up to…

Our students are hard at work. Last week they competed in 2 competitions, followed 5 conductors, attended 7 concerts and practiced nearly 2,000 hours!

Today, we welcome over 20 second week students and embark on Private Practice Marathon.

Here’s to another week of fun and masterful music!

~The PIMF Staff


Look at you!

This year at PIMF, we would like to honor our returning campers who are making big strides in music.

Post on our Facebook page (or tag us in a post) about your musical adventures since attending PIMF last year. We would like to hear from students about how they have learned and grown in a year. We will be selecting 5 returning students to honor at the Parent Orientation Meeting on June 22 at 5 pm.

Posts will be accepted till Friday at midnight.


Ocean City Tabernacle Event!

by Emily KreifelsOcean City has been one of New Jersey’s top summer vacation spots for years. Since the end of October, residents and volunteers from throughout the country have been hard at work to rebuild their beloved home and get the town ready for vacation season 2013. Businesses, homes, and beaches a like, were torn apart and ravaged when Sandy made her way through our coast. Ocean City’s South end was among the hardest hit on October 29th. Stewart Farrell, founder and director of the Coastal Research Center at Richard Stockton College, and staff have estimated that as much as 600,000 cubic yards of sand may be needed to replenish the south-end beaches due to the destruction from Hurricane Sandy. The town was left with crumbling bridges and sections of boardwalks and washing away protective dunes and chunks of beachfront along New Jersey’s 127-mile coastline. Estimated costs to rebuild this once dream time are over $16 million.

by Emily KreifelsLooking For A Way You Can Help?

This Saturday, April 20th, the Philadelphia International Music Festival (PIMF) will be hosting an event featuring Madison and Michal Marcucci, both PIMF alumni.  The Marcucci sisters will be performing a one-night only classical music concert to help raise money for Ocean City’s rebuilding efforts. This evening of beautiful music, to bring tourism and beauty back to the shore will begin at 7pm. Madison is a graduate of the Juilliard School, while Michal student with the Baptist Regional School in Haddon Heights. The Marcucci sisters have spent almost every summer of their lives at the Jersey Shore. They will be performing pieces from Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi at Ocean City Tabernacle.

To reserve your ticket for this event, please call us at (856) 875-6816 or contact Sean McGrellis for more information!